We need to stop and question ourselves. The books offered by Via Pacis are a gift to make to yourself. Each page hides messages of hope and ideas that become an opportunity of change.

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Cultural gap and economic crisis in Africa

Author: Peter Onyango
Year: 2012
Description: In his book “Cultural gap and economic crisis in Africa”, Peter makes an analysis of the economic crisis that the African continent is experiencing, highlighting the positive and negative the colonial regimes have produced in the Country. The author recognizes and emphasizes the need for Africa to be able to develop their own culture and to disclose it to reach the rest of the world in the present and crucial turning point

The Bible in the life of the family

Author: Gregorio Vivaldelli
Year: 2009
Description: This book was created thinking of the life of a “normal” family: it is a humble and simple attempt to help spouses, parents and all the members of the family to read the Bible or, at least, to begin to read it, dedicating a moment to it, that can become a refreshing pause at the end of a long day.