For a New Pentecost

For a New Pentecost is a seminar in preparation for Baptism in the Holy Spirit which is a particular experience in the wide world of the Catholic Carismatic Renewal.

The aim of the seminar is to facilitate a personal encounter with God through the Holy Spirit. It is an extraordinary opportunity to discover a living and intimate God which is a merciful Father who loves intensely and personally His creatures. In addition, you can experience that the Word of God is actual, trustful and enlighten our lives, our choices and our heart.

The curse culminates with the “Baptims in the Holy Spirit”: we ask God to pour out again the power of His Spirit with all Its gifts.

Who is Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit is the power of God’s love. It is a tangible love that touches lives in many ways. Without Holy Spirit everything dies: zeal, passion and creativity perish; wisdom and courage fade, you become bored of life. S. Paul writes to Corinthians: “for the written letters kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor 3, 6).

To whom it is addressed

The seminar is open to adults and youth who want to rediscover and deepen faith through a personal relationship with God.

For those who leads the course, we offer the manual “For a New Pentecost”: the text presents explanations for the proceeding of the seminar in a simple language, accessible for all.

The words of those who participated