International Center

The Via Pacis International Center is the headquarters of the Association and it is set in Northern Italy, in the Province of Trento, city of Arco.
It is the operational heart and the place of communion among the communities around the world.

It’s the result of the effort and passion of many people who, in Italy and other countries around the world, believed in the dream of peace of the founders Paolo and Eliana Maino and Father Domenico Pincelli. After almost 40 years from the birth of the Association, this work has come to fruition, becoming the driving force behind the initiatives carried on locally and around the world.

The International Center is a place where the words peace, happiness, and solidarity can find a home and a way to become real. It’s a place of encounter and dialogue, where people have the chance to spend themselves in favor of the Good. It’s a place where adults and young people are trained in mutual respect, peace, and solidarity.
It’s the place where many initiatives and solidarity projects are planned and implemented, both locally as well as internationally.

The International Center is located in Northern Italy, in the city of Arco (Province of Trento), in Monte Baldo Street, number 5.

In the world

We are present in various countries around the world, and we work on-site, collaborating with the other local entities in a spirit of communion.
Every Via Pacis Community is called to spread the Gospel of the Peace in any country, city or neighborhood where it is located.
We walk together seeking unity, ecumenism, mutual respect, and cooperation, convinced that the good generates good.

Leader of the Northern Italy Area: Lucia Romani

Trentino Alto Adige

Arco – Donatella Toller
Dro – Sonia Armellini
Folgaria – Laura Dalprà
Primiero – Cecilia Gubert
Rovereto – Daniela Anderlini
Trento – Luca Failo


Borsea (RO) – Sabrina Cabassa

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pordenone – Nadia Armellini


Melicucco (RC) – Giuseppina Calimera


Acireale (CT) – Agata Castorina


Leader of the Latin America and Caribbean Area: Julian Ramirez Zuluaga

La Tebaida – Luz Stella Quintero Garcia
Calarcà – Margarita Camacho
Armenia del Barrio Galán – Maria Stella Gomez Gomez
Armenia de la Catedral – Cecilia Galan

Cotundo – Napo – Julian Ramirez Zuluaga

Tamil Nadu

Leader of the Area: Father Adaikalasamy Erudayam


Nairobi – Nancy Owak

Kampala – John Bosco Matovu