Charisma in concrete

We have the desire to to share and spread the culture of peace by promoting dignity, acceptance, and fraternity. In the countries where we are, we work in favor of the most the most vulnerable people, the marginalised, youth, families and people in poverty.


Being more aware of the context in which we live pushes us to deepen studies and spiritual and human formation


“As you work to achieve your dreams, make the most of each day and do your best to let each moment brim with love”

International Meeting

Everybody is welcome to join the Via Pacis International Meeting, where the linguistic barriers are overcome by fraternity and joy of being together in the name of Jesus Christ

Inner peace

In the various countries where we are, we offer inner pacification path to heal the wounds of life and be able of looking to the future without anguish

For a New Pentecost

The seminar of New Life in the Holy Spirit leads to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit


Canteens for the poors, health and hospitality centers, wells, schools, bakeries, emergency interventions to deal with natural disasters, scholarships and more…


La musica ed il canto hanno una particolare forza nell’elevare gli animi, nel toccare i cuori, nel risvegliare ideali e nel riconciliare situazioni complesse…


From the very beginning of Via Pacis, there has been a desire to pray together, in the style of charismatic praise, to grow in communion and fraternity, convinced that community prayer strengthens personal prayer and opens one to others.