Peace and reconciliation. Two words that have the power to change the world and the history. Two words of the Gospel that shed light over the darkness of the most difficult situations and are capable of giving new hope to what seemed hopeless.
Fascinated by this promise of Peace and Reconciliation, our founders have put their whole lives in service of the Gospel.

“Our desire is to live the charismas of reconciliation because the love of God the Father, revealed in its fullness in the cross of Christ, has conquered our hearts: For the love of Christ overwhelms us” (Paolo Maino)

“Living peace and reconciliation is a choice to make every day, so that it can pass from mind to action, from spirituality to praxis, from desire to will. This choice has to be constantly lived and put into practice in every aspect and situation of our live” (Eliana Aloisi Maino)

The name

Via Pacis… to walk in the world on the Way of Peace.

Via Pacis means… being on the move, which means we haven’t arrived yet. It means to be on the move despite the effort to face the changes and the challenges of the world. It’s the choice to not to stand still and stare at the world as we were watching a movie. We want to be active participants and leave a sign of peace in this world. Via Pacis also means to go against the current, concretely, by choosing the good when no one sees it.

The peace we found in Jesus Christ is what the world so badly needs. Even in the most difficult situations, we experienced how His Word of peace and reconciliation is capable of changing the evil into the good and transforming impossible situations.