The founders

Father Domenico Pincelli

Priest of Trento’s Diocese, meets Paolo and Eliana Maino in 1979, with who he has the same passion for Jesus. Until his death in 2003, he leads with them a singular life communion.
God’s Mercy was his reason of life, using the confessional to communicate God’s unconditional forgiveness and His desire to reconcile himself with Man.
In his welcome without reserves, a lot of people have been able to gain a living and concrete experience of the merciful love of the Father: a love which never judges, and which desires only to be drawn.

Paolo Maino

After a strong meeting with Jesus in 1979, he understands that the faith experience, in order to bear fruits, needs a community itinerary. His wife Eliana Aloisi and father Domenico Pincelli agree with him, founding today’s Via Pacis Association.

According to the conviction that peace is a gift which must be shared, he strongly believes in people and relationships, and in the contribution that each of us can give announcing a hope which doesn’t disappoint. He testifies that quotidianity, when lived in empathy and in communion with others, reveals itself like the ordinariness able to make our life extraordinary.
He has a particular attention for poor people, and for this reason he starts the collaboration between different peoples and cultures, sharing their fight against injustices, sure to build a little piece of better world.

In front of life’s difficulties and challenges, he exhorts to think well to act in a better way.
Convinced supporter of the invaluable contribution which Lays can give to the Church mission and to the progress of society, he encourages to the engagement of a continuous training.

Eliana Aloisi

In search for a personal meeting with Jesus, after a strong experience with God, who revealed himself alive and present, shares her husband Paolo’s desire to give life to a communitary itinerary, contributing to generate the charisma of the Association. Her passion for God is translated into the passion for man and for his freedom. According to the certainty that in each of us is hidden a treasure, which is just waiting to be brought to light, she is convinced that the reconciliation with the past and the healing of inner wounds are the tools used by God to give back freedom to Man. She has been engaged for several years in a personal coaching service, helping people to recover their dignity exerting leverage on their weaknesses, revealed as strengths.