The training booklets come from the experience of who, in the Association, works in strict contact with the real needs of the world. They are a special means of disclosure to spread the good and the culture of peace.

Below are the titles of the booklets that have been translated into English.

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The courage of the truth: Living the charity

Paolo Maino

Year: 2012

Description: What is charity? The task of the members of Via Pacis is to witness by their lives and their works to the caritas of God and, more specifically, to the Gospel of reconciliation, without “ever looking away from the poor” (Tb 4:7) What is truth? There is a cultural presupposition to overcome, a mentality to change: truth is not an idea, but a fully realized life. Truth is dynamic…. is welcoming…… is free…..

Via Pacis Spirituality

Via Pacis Association

Year: 2011

Description: A brief work to learn about the birth, the charisma, spirituality and mission of the Association Via Pacis. The charisma of Via Pacis Association consists in living and testifying the Gospel of peace, in the continuing search for reconciled relationships with God, with themselves, with others and with the creation in our daily lives, life status and profession. Reconciliation is an itinerary of conversion, self-discovery, of walk to Jesus and change of life at the light of the Gospel: it’ s the power given by God, which can change mankind and history.

Ambassadors of reconciliation

Paolo Maino

Year: 2010

Description: An itinerary through the charisma Via Pacis: “Men and women called to be in service of reconciliation, to open roads of peace … We want to live the charisma of reconciliation, because the love of God Father has conquered our hearts. Being ministers of reconciliation means, above all for us learning to testify to the world that Jesus who forgives on the cross gives to everyone a chance to get out of the fear of not being accepted, of being marginalized …