Music on the way of peace

Connecting nations and hearts with Jesus through music

The musical path of Via Pacis was born from the desire to live and transmit the values ​​of peace and solidarity through music.

Music and singing have a particular strength in elevating souls, in touching hearts, in awakening ideals and in reconciling complex situations, transforming emotion into an action that involves each person in his entirety” (Paolo Maino)


  • Promote music and singing as a universal language.
  • Educate to a lifestyle-oriented to build relationships of peace, reconciliation, fraternity, solidarity between people and different cultures.
  • Increase through music, singing, and dance oneself-esteem and oneself-confidence by becoming aware of your skills and abilities.
  • Technically train with didactic paths of music and singing, musical theory and hints to dance. The paths help to socialize, activate confrontation and attention by learning to listen and to wait for others in order to improve together.


It is composed of 60 elements including choristers and musicians, it has a musical repertoire that ranges from classic to modern. Through concerts, it offers occasions in which people can reflect on great values ​​such as peace, solidarity and justice.


We Are Yours is a musical group with an indie – pop – rock repertoire. Through worship, WAY wants to use music as a vehicle for God’s love.