Faith and action

For the Latin America Via Pacis communities, the pandemic experience brought a great opportunity to prove the faith, to purify and strengthen it and to witness every day, the light of the charism, the supremacy of God and His kingdom.

Thought these months of social isolation we experienced the action of God in our daily life and His presence among us. The simple and great faith of my brothers moved myself: instead of wondering where was God in suffering and evil, they chose to glorify God thought solidarity and care for every brother in loneliness or in risk of contamination. In this way the community showed a present God, a hopeful God, in opposition to many anxious and apocalyptic messages that throw people in panic.

A simple call, a special attention and signs like those had made the difference between sadness and a hope”.

We’ve been physically separated, but now we’re more connected between us, and we wonder “What are you asking for, God? What is your plan for this new face of the world?”