Is peace an utopia?

The more we try to embody forgiveness, reconciliation and spirituality of peace, the more we see around us violent divisions and broken relationships. The more we try to work for the good of people, stronger blows the wind of incomprehension that wipe away relationships, feelings and affects.

How can I work for peace? How can I operate in order to build peace – first in me and then around me – as a reality and not as an utopia?

We can say some cliché, but the only answer that brights in me is: daily life.

I must hold myself into my daily life, into my real world made by work, study, home, relationships, fatigue, joy, pain, compassion, stress, sadness, diseases, laziness.

Act in your world with God’s love and God will work. Pray in your days with the heart turned to God and God will do the rest. Work with energy and determination to accomplish the will of God and the Lord will weave your holiness.

With your work, with one word, with a pray, a greet, a smile your life will fill with acts of peace and will be God the one who will thrive them.

We just have to be careful that the desire for peace does not get cold inside us.


Paolo Maino

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