Purchase of structure used as a shelter

Nation: Uganda
Field of action: Main needs

Referent: John Bosco Matovu


CODE: AS 410


This project consists in buying a property in the city of Kampala to welcome young single women with children, currently residing in the slum.


The beneficiaries are the women with their children who will live there and the aim is to allow them to be removed from the condition of degradation, danger and exploitation, including sexual abuse, in which they currently live and so to provide them with professional training to ensure a minimum income for themselves and their children.

This structure will also be used to provide, both to those who will live there and to other residents of the slum, an education in personal hygiene and cleaning of poor homes, proper nutrition, particularly for children. The structure will also be used as a place of meeting and dialogue, of education for peace, correct interpersonal relationships, peaceful coexistence.