News from Sembè

Sembè, December 2020

One of the consequences of the pandemic is the shortage of food. The food situation is becoming worrying. We distribute numerous meals to the most needy hospitalized and food in the camps. We are taking particular care of the nutrition of children and we encourage people to enrich their cultivations with important and easily obtainable vegetables and legumes.

The dry season is coming and the fruit of peach will be welcome and at the end the cocoa harvest whose selling price does not satisfy our local producers.

The lanes of the health center are overflowing and we have had to make arrangements to properly comply with the rules. Medical personnel is really under pressure. We have great difficulty in purchasing medical supplies and medicines: we have always been forced to procure them in Cameroon but the closed borders have complicated the process.

Covid has spared our region but has nevertheless forced many renunciations. But we want to look forward and we face the new difficulties that have been added.

We do our best for the good of our people.


Sister Rita, contact person for the Congo

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