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Via Pacis has two Community in the city of Nairobi, in Kenya. The Association is working together with parishes and the other Christian realities in order to promote and spread the reconciliation Gospel.
The Communities members work in the education and in helping the have-nots.
They meet together every Sunday to share, pray God and listen to the catechism of the Via Pacis founders. During the week, they visit with the poor people of the Community, the abandoned children, the sick and the needy. They bring to them food, clothes and they talk about the forgiveness and the reconciliation; they console the ones who are alone and listen to the ones who feel bereft by social injustices or abuses.
Peter Onyango, the responsible for Via Pacis Kenya tells:
“The most important thing we share with the poor are the tough of our Founders, Paolo Eliana and Father Domenico. We may see the fruits of sharing when we pray and console the poor. We pray that many people could agree to the call of God to be ambassador of reconciliation in Kenya through Via Pacis. I’m really trustful, I think it will happen soon. Everything is a work of God and we are just instruments.”

Local leader: Peter Onyango
Tel: 00254 713219051