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Association Via Pacis (already Association Community Shalom) was born in Riva del Garda the 3rd June 1979, Pentecost’s solemnity, during a providential meeting through a bride couple, Eliana and Paolo Maino, and a priest of Trento’s Archdiocese, father Domenico Pincelli. Around these people begin to meet other people of different ages and social backgrounds, united by the same desire of following the Lord Jesus in the Church. The community itinerary put into practice in commitments of spiritual life. Since from the birth, a clear vocation is outlined to live and announce the peace-shalom of Jesus in the world as a specific charisma: from here the choice of permanent forgiveness as life style in the continuous search of reconciled relationships in our everyday life, in our life status and job. The evangelic passage which inspires is “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you” (Lk 6, 27-28).

First steps

The community conscience grows, to be “saint together”, to bring God’s reign in the world, starting from “our” everyday world, first searching to change ourselves in the continuous search of God’s will. To be “men and women of peace” is important not to have an too injured, heavy and torn heart. For this ground some inner pacification-integration itineraries have been proposed, to acquire a major personal freedom.

Calling to evangelization and solidarity

Early the need of evangelization is advertised. For this aim some media are prosed (web, the magazine “Sulla Via della Pace”, the books of our authors); the music and singing’s sectors develop, human, biblical and spiritual training are proposed. Since from the first years the members of the Association begin to intend the tenth part of their takings to the poor. In this way we open to God’s passion for the man, through solidarity projects in different parts of the world.

Church recognition

The growth of the church consciousness urge us to submit the community reality to the church authority. With decree of the 31st January 1997, the Trento’s Archbishop, H.E Monsignor Giovanni Maria Sartori, recognizes Shalom Community as private Association of faithful believers of the Catholic Church.

Joining to the Catholic Fraternity

With Declaration of the 27th July 2001, the Pontifical Council for Lays declares the Association as a member of the organism of Pontifical Law called Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant communities and Fellowships.

Father Domenico’s death

The 20th June 2003 the Association lives the distressing loss of father Domenico Pincelli, after a long illness. The cofounder of Via Pacis lasts a spiritual heritage which Is solid and precious: the trust in God’s Mercy and in the Reconciliation’s Sacrament; the love for God’s Word and the Eucharist and the admirable devotion for Mary. One of his quotations which are stayed as authentic slogans is “love, pray and forgive”.

Spreading in the world

Thanks to the spiritual and friendship ties created by solidarity, the calling to live the charisma of peace and reconciliation reaches also persons who live in other areas of Italy and in other Countries all over the world.

Name change

To better underline the internationality it is decided to change the name of the Association: from “Shalom”, name chosen by other church realities in the world, to “Via Pacis”, which represents in a good way the calling to the peace. The Archbishop of Trento, H.E Mons. Luigi Bressan, the 8th December 2010 approves the renovated Statute which recognizes to the Association Via Pacis an international dimension and mission.

Recognition by Pontificial Council for the Laity

On the 8 th of December 2014, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, Via Pacis Association is is approved as private international
association of faithful, with legal status, with the decree of the Pontificial Council for the