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The name and the symbol

Via Pacis Fellowship has the characteristics of a way (in Latin “via” means “way”). The “way” entails gradualness, a sense of mediation, sobriety, prudence and bravery.   In the Bible the “way” is an image with which man is presented in a continuous walk towards God and with God, walk in which he endeavors in both God’s work and the necessity of daily adapting our life to the Gospel. Via Pacis members desire to “be the way” on which men can walk in our time, to offer our life to the service of others and "prepare the way to the Lord" (quote Is 40,3; Lk 3,4) in men and women’s hearts who walk on the world’s streets.  With the word “Pacis” (in Latin “of Peace”) we want to specify the content and the aim of this itinerary: the peace of Jesus, the peace which is in Jesus. The New Testament declares that Jesus comes to announce peace (quote At 10,36) to those far off and peace to those who are near (quote Ef 2,17), a peace intended like reconciliation, forgiveness and liberation (quote Ef 2, 15-16).
Before returning to the Father, Jesus declares: "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you", remembering that Jesus is the true peace. This is also a Marian itinerary: Maria in fact, is “way of peace”.

The symbol of Via Pacis Fellowship is a magnolia tree whose beauty reminds us of the beauty of the Gospel of reconciliation, which gives birth to reconciled people and people who reconcile. The tree’s symbol evokes the commitment of association in forming men and women completely integrated in the “ground” of daily life (the roots); helpful to be ambassadors of reconciliation among people (branches “friendly”); opened towards the sky (God’s forgiveness).