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International Center

Since 35 years we are trying to walk side by side with the poor every day, we continue to believe in beauty hidden in every man’s heart, and we work to build peace and reconciliation, hospitality, hope.
Many people joined us from all over the world. Many friendships are born. Far worlds felt near. We let us being provoked by the scream of the poor. And every day we tried to sow peace and joy in our every day places: at work, in the school, with neighbours, parents and relatives.
Now we have to face a new challenge: the building of an International Center that can become a place of dialog and meeting for new generations, laboratory to train people to mutual respect and peace, forge for new solidarity projects that could be an answer to the constant requests we receive from those places where women dignity, right to education and respect for the life are still only hopes.

The International Center will be located in Arco - Trento (Italy)

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