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Lent: live every moment for love

27 Mar 2017
What you have to do in order to live this Lent as if it was the first and the last of your life?
We can ask God for a greater love, a more concrete, daily and simple love. It’s a choice we make thanks to our willpower and which allows us to live each moment for love.
For instance, if we have to face with an unexpected event, instead of grumbling, we could pray and ask God for living this situation and every day of our lives with His love.
Students, workers, everyone can look at life with a spirit of gratitude, as everything can become sacred; our liturgy is the aim we tend to pursue every single day; we try to live with this attitude of love, because this is the point, this is what Jesus will ask us when we’ll be in front of Him.
We can only ask God for this aptitude. In the morning, make the choice of living evr’y moment with love: your mind and your willpower will guide and command your heart, your emotions! With this attitude we have to try to live every moment, every aversions or joy. This attitude helps us to deal with ourselves and not to escape from reality, because is on the present moment that we have to concentrate our minds, not looking at the past or at the future. It’s the present the most important time in which God gives us His Love!
(Eliana Aloisi Maino)