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They are aimed at the needs of small communities. The priority is given to projects which solve the need to:

  • drinking water through drilling, canalization and construction of wells;
  • Food through the grant of public canteens;
  • health through the grant of dispensaries, medical and paramedical, purchase of medical supplies and medicines.


They are large projects, completed in one or more years and which include the construction of buildings and structures of sanitary and agro-industrial nature, like: dispensaries, hospitals, bakeries, creameries, breeding, warehouses for warehousing and manufacture of agricultural products, sometimes through the creation of local cooperatives.

They are incentivized to create new jobs in depressed areas of the world, where there is no state intervention and to try to contribute to the improvement of the sluggish economy.

Others concern the construction of schools and centers of professional training to improve the level of literacy and to give to the youth the chance of an auto redemption from poverty; in fact, we are convinced that ignorance should be fought, because it blocks any chances of improvement.

Some of them, particularly challenging economically, are made in collaboration with the Province of Trento and the Autonomous Region of Trentino Alto Adige.


They are actions which are carried out in unforeseen and sudden situations like earthquakes, typhoons and severe epidemics: to them is reserved a share of the annual budget in order to start an help action in a timely manner.