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How we operate


Canteens for poor people, health and shelter centers, wells, schools, bakeries, emergency interventions to face natural disasters, scholarships, demonstrating the practical help and closeness to the needs of many communities. In addition, numerous contacts and travel in the partner countries, have led us to consider a different approach to the mission of solidarity much care of relationships, deep ties not related only to support but also to a recognition increasingly aware of the equal dignity of peoples and genres, to reciprocity rather than the donation of only one of the parties.

Referents on site

Every action is taken after careful consideration, taking into account of local realities, enhancing and promoting the capacity for self-development of the communities involved, in collaboration with the local responsible. This figure is fundamental and essential for our way of working: this is the "referent" who reports necessary actions, who takes care of their execution, and who plans and allows their long-term sustainability.

He is a person that we know and we trust, we work with some missionaries since over thirty years, with other since less time, but it have been created with all them relationships that go beyond the mere realization of a project.

Managing expenses

Our activity is largely based on voluntary work and this allows to minimize the managing costs. After many years of work "at home" in the homes of volunteers and a temporary location in Riva del Garda, since 2016 our offices are located in the Via Pacis International Center in Arco (Trento).