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Via Pacis proposes to be "close" to those who are still excluded from the most basic human rights - food, housing, education, health, dignity, freedom –first having the desire to spread a message of peace and reconciliation of hearts and of personal, social and political relationships:

We have to share a gift that "causes" to forgiveness, reconciliation and mutual love. The world asks us to bring before all this. Only in this land a true solidarity will grow, which is fruit of peace and serenity, experienced by joyful and reconciled hearts” (Paolo Maino).

Through the statutory activities the Association aims:

  • cooperating for the realization of programs in poor countries of the world through activities of fundraising;
  • encouraging the human, social and economic promotion of communities, villages, cooperatives of population in difficulty.
  • Promoting cultural initiatives and of cooperation for a sensitization on justice’s, develop, environment, and peace problems, through the press and the disclosure of material, meetings’ organizations, conferences and events.