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Charisma and Spirituality

The charismatic nature of Via Pacis Fellowship consists of living and testifying the Gospel of peace, in the continuous search for reconciling relationships with God, with ourselves,  with others, in our daily lives, our life state and job, living in the world as “ambassadors of reconciliation”.

Its members seek to live and testify a “community sanctity” in world’s heart, performing our daily professional, familiar and social commitments  in the fidelity of the founding charisma, without adapting to a secularized mentality, seeking to display God’s supremacy with our actions.

The spiritual life which Via Pacis demonstrates through its members is strongly connected to our everyday life, as it educates walking according to the Holy Spirit in every circumstance of everyday life; directed to growing both in personal maturity and in our grace life.

Via Pacis is also a way of integration and inner pacification, able to show the original dimension of human life: an inexhaustible desire of a sense of fullness which finds its fulfillment only in Jesus.