The art of praying

It happens very often that we think that following Jesus is praying a lot, fasting, attending Mass every day, to go to be confessed very often… But what about the everyday life? And the relation with the family? And what about being a student, a worker, a housewife?…

The feeling is not the manner to evaluate your prayer. “If I feel something, it means I have prayed well but if I “don’t Feel” I have had a bad prayer. You can evaluate your prayer looking at your life, at your daily life. Your prayer is good when it helps you to be a better child, a better student, a better wife or husband, a better parent, a better teacher, neighbour, worker….

Praying means to stay with God in the silence of our heart and staying with God in everything we do. Without any division or contrast.

Following Jesus means starting to change all our life.


Eliana Aloisi Maino

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