Testimonies from Georgia

For 26 years I have been working as a driver to bring goods and sustenance to the poor. Every day we have many requests for help. People ask for medicines and food to eat. In these months the people in need have increased as 500,000 jobs have been lost due to the virus and people are more and more hungry.

Last night I got a call from a clinic asking for help for a woman. It was a lonely, hungry woman who lives in a house where there is no gas and for this reason, she cannot cook anything hot. We brought her some pasta, rice, buckwheat, a bottle of oil, and a packet of biscuits. She hadn’t eaten for a couple of days and immediately ate the biscuits.

A few days ago I went to see another old woman, she also lives alone and in a difficult situation; she hadn’t washed for 8 years…

In these years I have seen so many people and situations, but I had never seen so much poverty.

Doing this job is sometimes really difficult, especially in this last period, in which the health and economic situation has been getting worse.

Sometimes I lack the strength to face all this and I get angry: on one side of the world I see people who have everything, and here I find hungry people every day.

I cannot abandon them because they also are God’s children and they are my brothers.

Father Witold Szulczynski, contact person on site

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