South America

The situation in South America is increasingly complex. The majority of the population, even before the pandemic, lived in precarious conditions, without a permanent job. Both in Colombia and Ecuador, the order of isolation has highlighted even more the social fragility of these countries. Governments insist that staying at home is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus. However, the state does not help families to support themselves and many say that “if the virus does not kill us, hunger will kill us”.

The closure of schools is an aggravating factor in this already difficult situation: children not only receive education in schools, but also meals through state-funded programmes. At the moment, it is not known when they will reopen.

Both small and medium-sized enterprises will soon be closed down, which in these areas are the only source of employment for the few who have a job. Many people have already been laid off, while others have been told to stay at home, that they will go back to work after the emergency, but during this break they will not receive any pay.

Colombia: updates

Infections continue to increase and confinement has been prolonged. Due to the block imposed by the government, many activities have ceased and many companies have closed down. The renovation of the house that was meant to host some mother-daughters has also been suspended.

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