Solidarity in times of epidemic: an engine that doesn’t stop

Even in times of epidemic, love, and care for the others is not lacking.


Don Giorgio Koudjodji, our contact person on site, visited with his collaborators more than 100 families and distributed food to the needy, visited the sick, and the lonely people who do not have the possibility to move.


Father Witold Szulczynski, our local contact, together with the foundation “Insieme per il Prossimo” with which he has been collaborating for years, bought and brought diapers, medicines, and food to more than 200 elderly people, who constitute the most vulnerable part of Georgian society. Due to the epidemic and the economic crisis, this segment of the population has become even more impoverished and due to rising prices, it is now unable to buy even basic necessities such as fruit, milk, eggs, cheese, meat, and vegetables.


Thanks to the support of Via Pacis Onlus, 1500 kilos of rice, 150 kilos of lentils, 150 liters of oil, biscuits, and other staple foods were delivered to 74 families in Poovanipattu, 20 families in Munnurankaduvettu and 34 families in Kumilankuzhy.


In this global emergency situation, Via Pacis Onlus has activated a series of economic initiatives in support of people living in extreme poverty, and who in these circumstances are put to an even greater strain. See the project

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