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Philippines – Sister Rosanna Favero, on-site contact person – News

The quarantine has caused violence and tension. There have been deaths because some people have not respected the confinement. The government asked the religious associations to help the poorest, we delivered rice and food. A chain of solidarity has been set up for the transport of food, and so, despite the restrictions on travel, families can receive food aid. One of the biggest problems is the inadequacy of the health system. Many wards have been closed down and turned into intensive care or have been dedicated for people with symptoms of the virus. This means, however, that many more admissions and interventions are denied and many people die because of this too, for not being treated.

Georgia – Father Witold Szulczynski, on-site contact person

The situation is not easy, I try to help the poor and the last, especially the elderly who are alone at home and need help. It is not easy to help, because public transport is not working. Everything is closed, everything is stopped.

Kenya – Nancy Owak, on-site contact person – News

South America – Julian Ramirez Zuluaga, Leader of the Latin America Area – News

Togo – Don Giorgio Koudjodji, on-site contact person

People who come to us shepherds for help have various difficulties. Among them, in particular, there are some widows who do not have a fixed income and struggle to support their children. There are also the families of those who cultivate the fields: agriculture in Africa does not guarantee large incomes, and families even before the epidemic were struggling to support themselves, always depending on the help of others to support the needs of their children. The situation has worsened and the concern is not only reduced to the present moment, but also to the future since, due to confinement, it is not possible to go out and sow the fields.

Uganda – John Bosco Matovu, responsible for Via Pacis Uganda – News

In this global emergency situation, Via Pacis Onlus has activated a series of economic initiatives in support of people living in extreme poverty, and who in these circumstances are put to an even greater strain. See the project

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