Listen to the silence

In this time of general uproar, of voices coming from everywhere, there are moments when one realizes one is longing for silence. It is like a voice of urgency that demands it from the depths of ourselves. When unexpected moments occur, everything is silent; it is not uncommon to experience a sense of fear, anguish, anxiety, restlessness, bewilderment. Then we prefer to take refuge in an even louder noise, which gives that sense of reassuring dizziness to which we are accustomed. I have the impression that in order to be able to savor this “delicate dish” of silence, which our palate can hardly recognize, we must face an intermediate time, in which we have the impression of being assailed by all the negative thoughts of this world, by all the worries, by all the possible distractions. Once we enter this dimension, however, silence becomes hospitable: it makes space for others, for all the people who nourish our life, it makes space for creation, it makes room for God.

Then silence stops being silent and becomes a voice. We can finally listen to what the lives of others are telling us, beginning with those who love us. Even the sun or the rain, the trees and the meadows with all the overabundance of life speak to us and instruct us. Silence becomes a master of truth, reveals the quality of our heart, teaches patience and prudence towards ourselves and others.

It is from the silence that the plans for the future are born because dreams have finally been given room.

Paolo Maino

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