Learn to love

“Learning to love” sounds like a lack of spontaneity, something not authentic. Love is a sentiment, isn’t it? Isn’t it what burns in me, that pushes and lures, that makes me do things with an irresistible and uncontrollable strength?

Love is a capability. It is like a seed inside us, deep inside us. It has to be grown, nurtured, disciplined, guided like every other capability. It grows at the same rate of the personal maturity, the acceptance of oneself.

Love is not only sentiment it is will as well. The will is a “muscle” that has to be trained before all with oneself, learning to be aware of who we really are and then trying to be authentically oneself.

Inside the relation and the life of the couple we bring with us who we are. The richer we are the more wealth we bring, the more free we are, the more freedom we bring, the more we will have learnt how to love, the more we will be able to love.

Love is an art and every art must be learnt and improved.


Eliana Aloisi Maino

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