At this time, the world is full of sadness and many people are hopeless. Many are focused on social media and television to stay updated on the development of the Coronavirus situation. In Kenya, the situation is the same. The other night the number of people infected rose to 59, today there may be an increase and we do not know what will happen in April and in the coming months. Most people have lost their jobs, companies are closing down because of the Coronavirus and it’s not possible to pay their salaries. Small businesses are no longer earning money.

The current situation is critical and this is only the beginning because we do not know what will happen in the coming months. We will starve to death, where will we get the money to buy some food for our families? Our government is not dealing with this situation. We have to pay rent every month, where will we get this money? We don’t have answers to these questions.

On television, we have seen street children in Nairobi crying because they no longer receive free food from restaurants that have been closed down. At the same time, they have nowhere to sleep since the police are kicking them off the streets. There is a curfew from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and street children have nowhere to go because so far they have slept in the verandas. A thirteen-year-old boy was killed by the cops who shot him after curfew. We’ll probably have a 24-hour curfew very soon. I wonder what will happen.

We’re all in trouble, but we keep encouraging each other, knowing that our faith is being tested, but that if we stand firm we will emerge victoriously. Our only hope is God.

Nancy Owak, Nairobi

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