Bewilderment effect

Many times people make their choices referring to a word: “I feel”. Nowadays it appears that what is worthy is what one feels. If I “feel” to love then I really love and when I do not feel anymore, love has finished. I think to the many couples I met for whom this “I feel” has meant the end of their relationship.

Is this the truth? Is the feeling the deepest, most real, authentic part about ourselves? Is the feeling that has to lead my life? Therefore is having or not having will that leads me? If I feel like I do something if I do not feel like I don’t?

Living according to “I feel like” causes a sensation of discomfort, of emptiness of the lack of an aim. It is as if we are driving a powerful car without knowing how it works and without knowing the road we are on. And the effect is one of bewilderment, emptiness, lack of an “inner map” or perhaps a satellite navigator…

So what to do? Try to ask yourself: “Who or what leads my life” “Who do I want to lead my life”? “by my feelings or by who”?

choose to live, go through this time to grow, mature, and learn to love. Choose who you want to lead your life. Choose to be perseverant and do not leave the style of life and what you had understood before this time.


Eliana Aloisi Maino

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