Support canteens in the villages

Nation: Philippines


Field of action: Main needs

Referent: Sr. Rosanna Favero


CODE: AS 393


This project consists in the financing of 10 canteens in order to allow children to eat a meal suited to their growth needs. The canteens are located in various villages on the island of Mindoro. They are poor communities of fishermen and salt workers on the island; families struggle to maintain their children with dignity and the Association is present to help them, in the same villages, even with Distance Adoptions.


The beneficiaries are more than 500 children who go to these canteens every day. It also concretely involves their families, in particular the mothers who take turns preparing meals.

A circle of solidarity is created, in fact it has been found that the population of the villages, at least those who have a small garden at their disposal, contribute with their products to supply the canteen.