Congo at the time of Covid-19

In this time of the pandemic, even Congo-Brazzaville – where the Medical Centre dedicated to the memory of Father Domenico Pincelli, co-founder of the Via Pacis Association – has not remained free from contagion.

Among the categories most affected are priests, who live off the offerings of the faithful. Mgr Yves-Marie Monot, Bishop of the Diocese of Ouesso, sent us a heartfelt request for help.

With the offering sent, Masses will be celebrated: help that does not stop, but returns as a cascade of love in favor of the world.

Abbé Franck Bango, bursar of the Congolese diocese, writes:

We will celebrate the Holy Masses according to your intentions and we thank you for this gesture of solidarity that comes at a very difficult time since from mid-March to July our churches have been closed. Our prayer accompanies you every day“.

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