Beginning of work on the shelter house

“I am pleased to inform you that this morning there was the blessing of the start of the works and, as it is tradition in our countries, some religious images have been placed in the foundations of the building. The celebration was preceded by a Novena in San Antonio which the little guests of the House prayed and sang together with the sisters. We pray San Antonio to bless this project and all those that are underway in different parts of the world”.

Sr. Rosanna Favero

The shelter house is located in the village of Htayngalya, on the edge of the area of the parish of ​​Bado. It is an autonomous village, governed by the captain of the village who was asked for permission for the expansion of the shelter house, as the captain at the time had been asked for permission for the first construction.


Htayngalya is made up mainly of animist, Buddhist and Catholic families. The families are happy with the presence of the sisters and the educational service they carry out through the Nursery School and the After School where Buddhist, animist and Catholic children are welcomed. The families in our neighborhood are poor but they do not fail to share part of their harvest of vegetable or corn with the children of our shelter.


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