New Life in the Holy Spirit

The seminar of New Life in the Holy Spirit leads to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Many young people and adults move from knowing the fundamental truths of faith to making experiencing the Holy Spirit, which transforms their lives and renews their faith.

“In that moment I realized that Jesus has been present in the worst moments of my life, even when I was sad, angry or I thought that I was alone… When I don’t accept myself, Jesus looks at me and whispers: Anna, I love you as you are” (Anna, 18 y.o., Italy)


I felt the presence of God, His closeness, His hand that lifted me up and kept me close to Him… (Carla, 52 y.o., Italy)


“I felt that the Lord was helping me, He was rearranging myself and opening my heart to Him… Slowly, I felt again the faith that I was neglecting, I felt that inside me there was really Someone to rely always on”. (Cheyenne, 18 y.o., Italy)


“I felt the love of Jesus for me, I’ve been consoled… (Nives, 57 y.o., Italy)