Inner peace

There are things that prevent us to live in peace such as wars, abuses, fails, wounds in our familiar and personal story.
More hope, more freedom, more happiness. We all want a life lived in peace and we are looking for someone who offers us a way. In the Gospel, Jesus Christ presented himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Inner peace is a promise of hope, that is being fulfilled today!

In the various countries where we are, we offer courses for inner peace to heal the wounds of life and be able to look to the future without anguish.
The more my heart is at peace, the more peace there will be in the world.

What is inner peace?

… it is to ask God to make peace within us, in our shady areas, in the struggles that we all have within us.

… it is transforming with God the place of destruction into a place of hope, because when we integrate difficulties and mourning we can see how, from a situation of evil, a situation of good arises.

… it is a privileged and necessary time that we give to ourselves and that God gives us, to recompose the plot of our history under His merciful gaze.