Walking in truth

On Sunday 11th October, by the Oppido Mamertina Cathedral, (South Italy), at the presence of bishop Francesco Milito, the presbytery and synodal members, the 1st Diocesan Synod “Walking in truth” was opened and will end on 8th December 2022.

Giuseppina Calimera, Via Pacis local leader, will be part of the synodal assembly: this is an important event for the life and mission by the Church of Oppido-Mamertina.


“In the gap between the pastoral investment and poor results, one question arises: what are we doing? Is it worth it? Did we make a mistake? Are we flawed? In what? There is a question more important of others: have we ever do a real evangelization with the consequent Christianization? Or are we a baptized nation but never changed in the heart?

The Synod will go in deep in these questions and, without dumbness and silence, trying to draw new accessible ways, bold and prophetic”.

Bishop Milito goes on: “The Synod will be a great internship by the school of the Holy Spirit, the first Master. Before being a reflection, dialogue and a place of suggestion, is a joyful experience of prayer from which every plan takes nourishment and strength”.

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