Take the risk to fly high!

Be courageous to fly high!

Don’t let be conditioned by the disengagement of these times. Have the courage to dream big and to believe in big values.

Don’t be afraid to be different from other people, leave the flock.

Don’t be afraid to discover your skills, to crush your quiet life, to fight with all your strengths to be different, to obtain what you really desire, to reach what your heart suggest being good.

Don’t be afraid to be labelled as weird, don’t be afraid to disappoint.

Today God would say: “do not conform yourself to this age, to this generation”.

Be courageous to discover what your really are and your attitudes. Be courageous to be “the best version of yourself” and not a copy of someone you admire.

In each of you lies a unique treasure that needs to be digged up. If the treasure remains buried you will live as a bum, altought the petroil deposit under your feet. I assure you: in each of you, like any other, there is a treasure.

Take the risk to fly high!

Make your life as a gift: for the people, for your partner, or for the Church or the world, but not alone: find someone who supports you, who drives you. Only with the help of someone you trust you can overcome, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the society.

You have only this life, without a second chance. You are in the best years of your life: you can build the foundation to become happy people. Trust God. God exists, is not a human invention nor a Church invention! Your life matters to God: His desire for us is a fulfilled, happy life. Because God is a Father and every parent wishes the best for his/her children. He wants to meet each of you. Let yourself be encountered by God!

I wish you to bring out all the best that is in your heart. Don’t hide it! During life there is pain, disappointment, disease. But all of it can be useful for a better growth, in order to reach a deeper maturity, to be well settled on the ground, courageous people, real people, free as God made us.

Eliana Aloisi Maino

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Created 4 Greatness 2020